Copy Protection of LabVIEW Real-time Embedded Software

October 7, 2014

Safeguarding intellectual property is an area that companies can no longer afford to ignore. Companies invest a lot of time and money into developing control algorithms. Often these algorithms represent a competitive advantage that your company may have over your competition. One of the overlooked advantages of using LabVIEW Real-time to implement complex control algorithms on a PXI or cRIO embedded controller  is that, unlike many PLCs, the source code does not reside on the controller. By using LabVIEW embedded for your controllers, you can maintain much tighter control over your company's valuable source code.


However, threats to your intellectual property rights take many forms. Several of our customers have expressed concerns that their foreign competitors may copy their controllers by creating software images of their cRIO or PXI controllers. Unscrupulous competitors may simply copy software images onto new cRIO or PXI controllers and either resell them or take the time to reverse engineer the algorithms. 


Sentient Revolution has developed an IP Protection add-on to our standard machine control framework that locks a software installation to a particular chassis or hardware device. Once the software is installed onto a PXI or cRIO chassis, it becomes locked to that device. Software images created from that device will not work on any other PXI or cRIO controller / chassis. This allows our customers who sell full controllers to maintain complete control over the software and to remain the sole hardware provider to their end-users. 


Contact us to learn more about how we can help protect your valuable intellecutal property.


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