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You build products

your customers trust.

Test them using software

you can trust.

What We Do

When it has to be done right

Sentient Revolution designs and develops modular, reusable, reliable, robust software for automating complex or mission-critical test and control systems in lab and manufacturing environments.


Data you can count on

Focus your people on what they do best and outsource the software development to us. From proofs and prototypes to complete software applications, we can help reduce your risks and get to market faster.

Take control of your own custom reusable software platform, adapting it as needed over a multi-year lifecycle. Ideal for small to medium sized manufacturers.

Digital transformation starts with good data. We help manufacturers acquire high-integrity data, connect it, and analyze it to maximize the value of your processes.


Our history of delivering reliable test automation

Established in 2009 by Kamal Gupta, who brings a 25-year record of success helping companies automate with software, Sentient Revolution is a National Instruments Alliance Partner.

Broad experience in a variety of industries and deep knowledge of LabVIEW for Windows, real-time, and FPGA sets us apart. From new product concept to automated production, our software helps you every step of the way.

"...enabled our development project to proceed much quicker than expected"

Are you ready to become a test and measurement hero?

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©2023 by Sentient Revolution LLC. LabVIEW™ and TestStand™ are trademarks of National Instruments. Neither Sentient Revolution LLC, nor any software programs or other goods or services offered by Sentient Revolution LLC, are affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by National Instruments.

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