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Deploy a common test software platform across your manufacturing floor and labs

Deploy automated testing wherever you need it

A software platform is a reusable software design, structure, and set of tools that is used for the development of individual software applications.


Take advantage your own custom modular LabVIEW-based software platform, adapting it as needed over a multi-year lifecycle.

Not only will you have a common platform you can deploy across manufacturing and engineering, but the modular libraries will enhance developer productivity, enhance reliability, improve consistency, and make maintenance easier.​​

Integrate test software into your business strategy

Get a test automation software platform that is built specifically to fit into your engineering, manufacturing, and business processes.

Individual applications across labs and manufacturing lines will naturally tend towards consistent interfaces and behaviors, making it easier for operators to cross-train on different systems.

A standardized architecture will accommodate back-porting new features and bug-fixes as they are developed, making it easier to maintain and upgrade your automated test equipment.

Get there faster

Get your products to market quicker by using a common modular test software platform that works with you from design validation to EOL functional testing.

Improve software development productivity by focusing on the unique aspects of each application instead of the common infrastructure elements.

Improve test software reliability by reusing code libraries and algorithms that are already tested and proven.

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