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Jump start your digital transformation by connecting your production test data

Unleash your data

Start logging test data to a SQL database in minutes

The SR Database Logger is the easiest and quickest way to get your manufacturing test data into a SQL database. Connect to a local SQLite database or to an enterprise database server and make your data available anywhere, anytime.

Simply install the SR Database Logger on your test PC and use the configuration wizard to connect to your database.

Your test data is available to any client program within a minute after a test is complete. It can even move your old data stored in individual files into the database as well. 


If the network connection goes down, no problem. Your test data will be cached until the connection to the database is restored.

Includes a data viewer program for basic SPC analysis

We provide a extendable, stand-alone program, written in LabVIEW, to display and analyze stored data from the database so you can begin using your data immediately.

Features of the Data Viewer Client program include:

  • Search by date / time range / model / serial number (if available) / position

  • Display data sets as trend lines and perform basic SPC functions (mean, Cp, Cpk) on measurements

  • Export data sets to spreadsheet-formatted text files

  • Dashboard View that shows KPIs in near real-time

  • Yield and Failure Analysis

Data viewer
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