Advanced Machine Controls

Enabling the Next Generation of Smart Machines

The next generation of smart machines is all about advanced automation. We're designing and building the software to enable the newest smart machines. From mining to manufacturing our software is enabling OEMs to develop and sell the most advanced machinery in their industries. 


Advanced automation needs advanced computing platforms. We use industry-leading multi-core Linux-RT based embedded controllers and modules. Powerful processors tightly integrated with onboard FPGA's and robust I/O, tied into a robust software ecosystem enables us to quickly iterate through the design process. From prototype to deployed system you'll be amazed at how quickly you can introduce new products via our platform.


Do you need:


  • High-performance data acquisition?

  • Real-time vibration and machine health monitoring?

  • Integration with enterprise-wide data storage and servers?

  • Internet-of-things enabled machinery and devices?

  • Multiple synchronized high-speed control loops?

  • Advanced GUIs with touch screens and 3D imagery?

  • Nanosecond resolution response times?

  • Built-in web servers with real-time machine status updates?


Our custom-engineered controllers for OEM and End-user applications are the answer.

Heavy Machine Controllers for Construction and Mining

Advanced automation for mining and construction machines. Rugged with extended temperature range.


  • Controllers for OEM applications

  • Advanced multi-dimensional motion control

  • Integration with an extensive array of sensors and communications equipment

  • Communication with major industrial network topologies including: CAN J1939, CANOpen, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, RS-232/422/485, TCP/IP, and many others...

  • Machine health monitoring, onboard and remotely

  • Advanced controls via a variety of devices including joysticks and high-resolution touch panel displays

  • Recording and playback of all machine parameters for machine diagnostics and operator evaluation / training

  • Seamless field installation of firmware updates and upgrades

  • Stream machine health, performance, and environmental data to cloud servers to enable Internet of Things applications

  • Full suite of machine vision capabilities

  • Rugged, fully solid-state design with extended temperature ranges of -40 C to +70 C


Industrial Machine Controllers for Manufacturing and Laboratories

Advanced automation for manufacturing systems. Driving more productivity in manufacturing and quality assurance.



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