Turn your team into a software development powerhouse

Unleash the potential of your machines and your test data

Sentient Revolution's consulting services can turn your internal test engineering team into a efficient software development group that provides value to multiple levels of your business. 

Use test data to provide valuable insights into your design and manufacturing processes.

Apply software engineering to test automation software

Anyone who has worked with test and measurement equipment knows that creating and maintaining good test automation software is more than just connecting a few functions together and pressing “Run”. 


Even a graphical environment such as LabVIEW requires the same software engineering skills and processes as any other language if you want repeatable, reliable results from your software development efforts.

We help teams learn the skills they need to be confident, proficient test automation software developers.

Manage the full software life cycle

Good software is more than just getting a machine to work today. It requires managing the entire life cycle of the software. Everything from maintaining and using a Source Code Management (SCM) system to effectively regression testing each new software release.

We can help you implement Agile tools and methodologies that scale from team sizes of one to many. Our Agile methods help you accelerate your projects and raise software quality to levels beyond your expectations.

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