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Create rich, modern scrolling GUIs in minutes

Meet the SR Smooth Scrolling GUI Toolkit for LabVIEW. Easier, faster, and better looking than creating separate windows for each user interface panel. A great add-on for anyone trying to create a better user experience in your LabVIEW software.


This library takes any pane on any LabVIEW front panel and creates a grid of "frames" where each frame is exactly the size of the viewable portion of the pane. It then allows you to smoothly scroll between frames. You can define which front panel controls and indicators on a pane remain static (always in the same place in the window) either programmatically or by inserting special tags in their descriptions.


You can have multiple scrolling panes in multiple VIs all operating independently of each other. You can also have different LabVIEW VIs controlling each other's panes.


The toolkit will be available for purchase soon but in the meantime, to try out a free pre-release evaluation of the toolkit, click the "Download Evaluation" button. This will download a VI package that you can install via the LabVIEW VI Package Manager.

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