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Database Logging of EOL Test Data for Power Systems Switchgear

Our customer, a major manufacturer of power distribution switchgear for the electric power industry needed better access to its manufacturing test data. The factory had a range of LabVIEW-based test systems acquired over a period of 15 years from various vendors. There was no consistency to the design of the test software and the test data typically got stored on the test PCs. Accessing and analyzing production data was a time-consuming chore for the manufacturing engineers.

Sentient Revolution applied our SR Database Logger product across several manufacturing lines to capture test data from a variety of automated test systems and place the data into a SQL database. Our Data Viewer Client program made visualizing and analyzing the data a much simpler task for the manufacturing engineers.

The SR Database Logger enabled our customer to easily retrofit SQL database logging capabilities to their legacy test systems and immediately capture data to their enterprise database. Manufacturing engineers can view and analyze the data in near real-time, saving them time and effort.


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