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High-Value Equipment Monitoring and Predictive Analytics


We developed software to monitor a mission-critical motor-generator for anomalies for predictive maintenance. The motor-generator is a vital piece of machinery for the customer's V&V testing capabilities and has a replacement cost of tens of millions of dollars. Not only would damage to equipment be costly in dollars, but the repair and replacement time may be several months. The flywheel alone weighs over four tons. Equipment downtime can potentially delay several important new product development efforts.

Using advanced analytics, the custom Generator Monitor Software application, built on Sentient Revolution’s Electromechanical Test Software Platform, identifies anomalies and takes action to prevent equipment damage and failure. The Generator Monitor Software continuously collects data from a variety of sensors on the machine and analyzes the data in real-time to detect unusual operating conditions and alert operators before damage occurs to the machinery.

The software, written in LabVIEW, operates in real-time on a cRIO chassis in order to maximize reliability. The HMI software, also written in LabVIEW, runs on a Windows PC and provides an intuitive GUI, stores data for any detected anomalies, and enables operators to adjust operating parameters and alarming features.

By monitoring a variety of vibration, acceleration, temperature, and pressure sensors, the software detects unusual operating conditions before damage occurs to the machinery. In addition, using machine learning algorithms, the software dynamically detects various operating modes and automatically adjusts tolerances and thresholds.


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